The Ultimate Motivational Clip – Rise & Shine!


Checkout for more motivational videos. “Rise and shine. 6am and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock …


  1. Steven Foster says

    Welcome to the grind.

  2. Seth Berg says

    My friend was going to kill himself. He had a 45 to his head. I hadn't talked to him in mont0hs. Then I randomly sent this to him. He watched it and pulled the gun away from his head. There is something in this speech if you just listen to the words. It saved my friend

  3. RooNinful says

    When you out-sprint a black guy, you know you are ready for whatever lies in front of you

  4. WishwaRajindu Liyanagama says


  5. imahelpfulperson says

    Can I get this on iTunes? If so, what’s the title and artist?

  6. Walking Talking Weeb says

    That voice is the one kid who reminded the teacher about the homework

  7. Keegan Garner says

    Anyone know the song that plays at the end?

  8. Susan Yaggey says


  9. DynamicMentalFitness says

    Most excellent.

  10. MegaMissfitz says

    Rise n shine sweet cheeks! Time to get ur blusher on 😘😤😘

  11. Dr. Johnny says

    I need to kick some ass. Time to get in shape again.
    Rise and shine 👊

  12. Rebecca Tilley says

    Me before the pacer test

  13. Sarah Choudry says

    im watching this at 5:30 am : )

  14. visoners of Hogwarts says

    4 am

  15. IV Leu says

    This is my timer for my everyday plank.

  16. Naadiyah Johnson says

    Anybody know who the voice is? And does he have more motivational videos. This sh!t is awesome.

  17. TheGreen Tortoise says

    Thank you

  18. Jimmy Green says

    RISE AND MF GRIND LADS!😤😤😤😤🤪🤪😤😤🤪😤

  19. sosaboy sosa says

    This is the very best wake up in the morning & kick some ass video! I love it😡

  20. deniz kılıç says

    Only 3 min but all that i need! 🦁

  21. Snowden says

    What if have to wake up at 4:30

  22. Gilson correa de lima says

    what is the film in 2:53 ?

  23. Ruby Moorman says

    I heard things on your video that's given me proper direction & to know there are people that take there time to truly be there for others, will always be #1 & for that, I thank you deeply… In my eyes, you're one of the #1 motivational videos in YouTube when so many are extremely overwhelmed, trapped & have no desired & well needed funds, options etc. & so here I am for a tune up in different areas in mine as well as so/to many others lives & they finally desire to once again search for well needed "love, hope, kindness, respect" & so they can make positive changes, but many fIgHt anxiety, depression & constantly fIgHtInG chronic conditions etc., then where is there to turn, just not enough options as so many truly need, just so heartbreaking… But what we put into ourselves is always #1… Thank you

  24. Mayte Fernández says

    Love this! Literally made me go to workout ✔️🙋🏻‍♀️

  25. Jim Jimmity says


  26. vicduprey says

    Is there any way to set this as my alarm?

  27. Danny Grasso says

    Who’s the speaker anyone know??

  28. Redninja7767 says

    How can u set this as a alarm?

  29. Ed says

    My alarm

  30. Fanny Rivas says

    literally made me tear up.
    we all need this.
    thank you for sharing <3 rise & shine.

  31. Roland King says

    Been watching this video since it first came out! Damn time flies… How many times has this video got me up to workout? Too many to count that's for sure!

  32. Tyler Hollinger says

    Where are you based? This was very neat

  33. Pizzagoblin says

    The ultimate Nike commercial

  34. Smriti Naib says

    This is the best motivational video that I came across, keep up the good work, must watch everyone

  35. WheresMyBuns says

    4am and i do make it to the alarm clock then it goes off again a minute later, then i get up.

  36. Mat Gaou says

    Music name?

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