~ Twin Flame ~ Healing Meditation and Recalibration


Hello Beloveds.

This is a specific Guided Healing Meditation and Re-Calibration with a Light Language component for Twin Flames.
So please sit back, or lie down, relax and allow yourself the sacred time and space to heal.

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  1. Tracie Kelley says

    Thank you…a song my heart knew the words…so beautiful

  2. Zaynah Lodge says

    Amen thank you, Namaste x

  3. Charles Berry says

    I saw all green while doing this started out orange to yellow to green good work you do thank you

  4. Ms OhSoSolo says

    Thank you…🙏🏾

  5. Krys Shádel says

    Thank you

  6. The Queen says

    Surprisingly refreshing

  7. kesha williams says

    Anyone else start crying as they listen to this?

  8. Stellar Love says

    Bless you Divine sister. I am fully aligned with pure unconditional love. Bliss 💗

  9. Julia Lilly says

    I just discovered your channel and have just started meditating. But I have done this meditation for the past two days & it has already helped me immensely!! You'd never know!!! I begin crying every time you start singing & it feels soon good to release all the pain..Your singing is so calming & primordial~It also makes me cry to think that someone cares so much about other people to help them on this journey~Thank you💕❤

  10. JM XD says

    Wow.. This is the first time I've ever encountered the similar sounding phrases that I say/sing to myself ever so often. Did it since I was a kid. :0

  11. justonekissgoodnight says

    Thank you., Much love and light 🙏🏻

  12. Giada Penelope says

    Everything around me looked yellow after this. Loved it! Thanks! Very lovable. :*

  13. Mustache Nose Glasses says

    My twinflame running from me is this heals it?

  14. Kisha H says

    Thank you for sharing. Much needed!

  15. Gayle Fitzmaurice says

    beautiful meditation – thank you x

  16. Tiffany Alexander says

    When I did this meditation I heard a strong ringing in my ear as well as a kind of rush through my body? Do you know what that means? Also, thanks for this I've been doing meditations lately and this definitely helped!

  17. Soul Connections says

    Thank you so much for this meditation, love and Light to you!

  18. Krysia Wild Pipchicks says

    Thank you, very peaceful 🙏🏻 Your light language singing is truly Divine.

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