Tony Robbins: The Magic Of Visualization (Law of Attraction)


Check out Tony Robbin’s best-selling book → Tony Robbins on how to use the power of visualization to create belief and …


  1. VYBO says

    Make sure you check out Tony Robbin's best-selling book

  2. Olga Segovia says

    I love it! So true Tony!!

  3. Eva Marie says

    "I've been on the 90 day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years… and so much more! Thanks Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming. Best regards. ~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia“In all my many years of professional work I have never read anything that touches my heart as much as your articles, your Enlightened Messages [ Check Details In My Channel ].

  4. Heather says

    One day, I’m going to perform next to andrea gibson and I know it. The universe will find a way to make this happen. I want it, I’m taking action and the universe is going to make it happen.

  5. Richa Totlani says

    I have a goal to get laid with 100 girls. How can I use visualisation for that?

    No jokes people with advice comment😀

  6. Johnny Brascom says

    Visualizations are important but actual physical practice of your skills is
    important, too. Practice the boring little skills that are necessary as
    well as the skills that you enjoy. Don't let yourself rely on just the
    things that come naturally and easy to you. Develop your limited
    potentials, as well as those that you feel, are your assets.

    Work on developing the more general attributes that are important to almost
    any goal:

  7. James Rich says

    Who are the two other guys?

  8. John Huang says

    Who are the two gentlemen listening to Tony?

  9. Carlos Benjamin says

    Who are the two guys he’s talking with?

  10. Maria Boonen says

    25%More +10% change.
    We could help the world.

  11. Ty Yamnitz says

    who are the guests in the video?

  12. Ese güero se parece a David Guetta jajaja

  13. Travis Bickle says

    i like tony but he never let's anybody speak out their opinion .. it's all good i mean his energy but let others talk too damn .. everyone's in a hurry to finish their sentence coz he's about to beat up )) i don't like it,even feeling discomfort while watching it ..

  14. MetalJames1282 says

    "those who attempt the absurd, achieve the impossible"  Albert Einstein.  It was also written on the bathroom wall in the movie, "Before I Fall".

  15. Marilyn B says

    Thank you thank you thank you!!! Right on time…

  16. Des Slattery says

    There all try n to copy the king conor mcgregor , f n bums all of em

  17. Favorite Book Lists says

    "Nothing in life comes to us unless we think of it first. Look around you. That lamp, that chair, that painting. Somebody thought about them first by being creative, and then they became reality." – Dean Graziosi

  18. Rivy O says

    See the result in advance! This has stuck with me the most.

  19. MAKAVELI says

    “We’re superior white finger pointers”

  20. Rihari Biddle says

    Thank you tony

  21. Rafael Bruno says

    Is there a complete video of this conversation?

  22. Drare 626 says

    I won 450,000,000 dollars thank you God

  23. ghost Londonz finest says

    That was great😎

  24. Joshua Hatch says

    Before I watched this video, I played airsoft for my first time. I was scared, and only got a few tags (still had fun tho). Afterwards, whenever I was unmotivated to clean my room, I'd pick up my airsoft gun and pretend as if I was back at the arena turning corners and clearing out rooms. A few days prior to me watching this, I went a 2nd time. I wasn't as afraid as before, I got better at peeking and identifying enemy players, and I got a good bit more tags than my previous time playing. I didn't know that before this video, and know that I know how much visualization can do for me, I can start consciously visualizing whatever I'm doing, instead of unconsciously trying when I'm bored. Also this video is just pleasing to watch and I enjoyed the content!

  25. Z Jazzerator says

    I always believe in Visualization!! Starts in the mind! 👍 ty!

  26. Lindy van den Bosch says

    All these motivation speeches are always about making money. I just want to be happy

  27. Terry Curtin says

    I saw Tony in his 20s. I made millions with changing core beliefs.
    I lost myself along the way. Stopped the rituals. Then in 09 Obama care destroyed my agency. I didn't adjust. I blamed Obama.
    Reality is I lost my game.
    Now I am back and already know it's visualization. So I learned. Ya can't stop believing and Journey puts so well. Thanks Tony. Great video

  28. HerRoyalBlondeness says

    I really needed this today, so thank you so much ❤️

  29. Pooja Reddy says

    Visulaization means i cannot see any thing after closing my eyes
    I cannot see any objects or images
    How it works if a cannot see

  30. Some Person says

    Awesome talk.

  31. Kefilwe Matome says


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