Tony Robbins: Stop Thinking That I Can’t Do It ( Tony Robbins Psychology )


This is a choice you have made. Some part of you agrees with this choice, believing you cannot do it, and your question indicates that you are in conflict with this …


  1. Temu Temacular says

    Im sorry…


  2. Drew Prettyman says

    "I've been on the 90 day course for a few months now and am really noticing some amazing changes in myself. I feel healthier, I got a promotion at work, I've started developing my online business plans that I've had for years… and so much more! Thanks Jafree. Please keep the inspiration coming. Best regards. ~Jeremy Gard, Brisbane, Australia“In all my many years of professional work I have never read anything that touches my heart as much as your articles, your Enlightened Messages [ Check Details In My Channel ].

  3. Colleen Nicholl says

    Keep hungry!!!!

  4. Michaela Gale says

    I love this guy…. It's one of the hardest time in my life knowing I have been lost for so long with myself my marriage and my family.
    But he inspires me that life is much better than you realise.

  5. Katie Torrisheba says

    Just started reading Tony Robbins book Awaken The Giant within which I'm on chapter 2 and he's really good.

  6. Dina Eddy says

    Sylvester Stallone’s story was really interesting. I love the part about his dog! I won’t spoil it for you if you haven’t heard this yet! Lol! Listen it’s great! Thanks for your channel! Love what you share!

  7. Dina Eddy says

    Two things that control you, your beliefs and values. When we want to do well or change something but when we have inner conflict that contradict, can keep us from change.
    Know Your Outcome! Do you know consciously what you really want?
    WOPA- Or is Tony saying Opa or what? Lol? OPA
    O- Outcome P- Purpose A-Action
    What’s My Outcome first, then decide what you need to do to get there.
    Example: In middle of argument, ask what’s my outcome? Clarity is power, when you know what your target is, s portion of your brain can screen out millions of things and focuses on only several things at a time/ the RAF (Reticular Activating System)
    Ex. Once you know what you want, you start noticing everyone else who has that. Example (see same kind of car or whatever you want). “Sensory acuity”
    Distinction, Specific…(know your outcome,
    Belief, high standard, know what you are, know what your getting- Become Acutely Sensitive. Don’t get caught up in repetitive pattern


    I already did it!!

  9. Lynda Smith says

    Thomas Edison was not very nice to Tesla and didnt pay him for work he did

  10. Suzy Keleher says

    So very inspirational

  11. Lovely Eve says

    Love these videos. So motivating ❤️

  12. I will quit my job says

    This is dope

  13. The Happy life Manager says

    Amazing !!!

  14. Howard Dixon says

    I can't do, can't do it. ……oh crap

  15. Rigo Tube says

    If you’re reading this I hope you achieve all your life goals.

  16. DNFDESTROYER 1818 says

    Tony for president?

  17. Todd Lindstrom says

    Peter from Family Guy: " It sounds like you were left out at sea and was told not to drink salt water but you still did.” Sorry😂 besides the jokes this was really good

  18. Purpose Color says

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  19. Life Adventurer says

    I really love tony Robbins he isn't just a great speaker but he is Charismatic

  20. zylascope says

    Great story about rocky! Love it 🙂

  21. wael o says

    thank you

  22. Elmina Baptiste says

    amen thank u tony for the tip i will try it

  23. Michelle Torres says

    The story is about Rocky not Tony great story about Rocky

  24. Justin Shepard Motivation says

    Tony Robbins has helped me elevate my level of life and how I live. I have gained all control of my lifez

  25. Gaurav Surati says

    I believe in growth, I believe in change, I believe in self improvement. Life is all about change and growth.

  26. Scarlet Pimpernel says

    What has Tony Robbins ever done himself except to convince others to give him money? Anyone?

  27. Elizabeth Bahena says

    This was very inspiring

  28. Miro Kardashian says

    the bright side of Youtube

  29. Val Johnson says

    As a screenwriter, hearing Tony's reaccount of Sly Stone's production of Rocky is extremely Inspiring….

  30. As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God.
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  32. Your Favorite Lifecoach says

    You can do whatever you want. He made me see it is possible and I hope I can inspire people like him sometime..

  33. Daniel Tucher says

    this video changed my life!

  34. Heidi Emery Koehler says

    I really loved listening to this one!!!

  35. Elton Mascarenhas says

    O – Outcome
    P – Purpose
    A – Action

  36. Veganwitch says

    The Edison reference just made me lose interest….

  37. Goo gurt Tubes says

    I still can't do it though-

  38. Leonora Hasani says

    Shut up and take my money….dear tony how much does it cost to win.

  39. Tony Pieroni says

    Tony has done so much good, he is an inspiring and incredibly effective leader. We need more like him.

  40. Teal'c says

    Wow, very inspiring. Never knew that Sylvester Stallone story. Could have listened for another hour of Tony talking about that story.

  41. Raj Mahur says

    Be hungry 😋 always 👍🏼👍🏼

  42. Petit Lu says

    Thank you for this video, it is amazing, I
    feel appease

  43. Twist03 says

    Wow, so great

  44. david patrick says

    Life Changing!!! Tony I love you, your story and your purpose…. You Are One of a Kind!!!!!

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