Tony Robbins: Finding The Real You ( Tony Robbins Psychology )


Everyone has to sift through influences and affectations before settling into their enduring ‘identity, but is there really a single ‘Crisis’ involved or is it a gradual …


  1. Dennapa Parker says

    I love how much an eye opener this can be. Thank you Tony.


    Who's idea was that horrendous piano noise?

  3. robert smith says

    tony robbins is a scary and intimidating bastard.i would pay good money to see him beaten to a pulp.

  4. dagoelius says

    What makes the differnce in peoples lives?… Money. plain and simple.

  5. Gretchen Desch says

    I felt being taking for granted for years.

  6. Brian Jones says

    Tony is the most amazing person I've ever experienced!!!

  7. Watermarqkiki says

    I know who I am now!!!!

    I'm a human!!!

  8. David Lawson says

    Sure, this guy gets you pumped.

    But it never lasts. It's like I am trying to fight my failures by making attempts at success. At something. Anything. The fight is exhaustive, and I end up failing.

  9. elsa helgason says

    Dearest Tony, I did seriously to let you knows that o will be your student or partner is up to you. Thank you and a lot of love to you all xoxoxo.

  10. Gloria Kanani says

    I really love your videos they help me grow

  11. Michael Reitzenstein says

    Con artist, huckster……rich!

  12. Frestly Mc elder says

    how do I know the real me?

  13. Erfenburgurz says

    Has this guy written any books?

  14. Desiree Lane says

    What if all you know is to do for everyone else to where you don’t even know who you are


  16. Susannah Usov says

    Tony, someone called Tony Robbins is asking me to help an orphan called Emily, Can you please confirm this is you or not. Thank You.

  17. WatchMy Parkour Journey says

    Tony Robbins is very awesome

  18. indy cool says

    I love listening to Tony but i still can't find what makes me happy

  19. FeelGood Within says

    Thankx so much Tony:-) Yep Break The Patterns

  20. Cherish Bsings says


  21. DJM FILMS says

    Powerful 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  22. Generic Internetter says

    Why does every motivational video have shitty piano music in the background all the way through?!
    It adds nothing of value, and only serves to divert attention away from the speaker.
    A light musical intro and outro bookends a speech nicely, but 10 seconds at the start and end is all you need.

  23. Lilia Munive says


  24. Karisma King says

    Listening to tony is the most productive thing i do on youtube

  25. Sam Fareed says

    awesome video very well explained thank you so much for sharing

  26. Danniell Brown says

    Find yourself a new ritual in your life… you can thank me later

  27. Mary H. Santana says

    I just started participating in Tony's videos. I'm excited ready to change and grow in my life. 🙂

  28. John Smith says

    Thank you 💪🏻

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