Tony Robbins: Your Mind is the Key to Your Success (Motivational Video 2018)


Tony Robbins: Your Mind is the Key to Your Success (Motivational Video 2018) *CREDIT Tony Robbins Visit Tony Robbins’ websites: …


  1. Tim Parnett says


    Phoebe came by we worked on my book re-introducing Britt I’m so infactuated with her as a person, she has experienced life, not saying others haven’t it’s life like mine, that matches with me. I wrote this to help people to understand. Please read these kind words…

    A while ago. I meet this beautiful girl on crutches she was with her mom. Just exiting the building after giving me all her info and all her uncles info (because he ran numerous websites) Arron Bradley hopefully getting my story out there, to help others by hearing my issues making her mom wait and hold the door open for her. I said thank you and kiss her hand like a gentleman would of. (it even made her giggle)

    Britt, been through a lot, for a young lady to experienced what is life at the early age, she earned my respect, she’s a fighter and very wise for her age. She’s a good listener and understand where I’m coming from, I guess we both listened to each other that what make this relationship work so well. If she has time, she would drop by at my apartment and we talked and we laughed plus she help me with my book.

    Aaron and Britt, came over that night we did a interview posted it our blogs, the interview was about Mightywheels, to enlighten and educated him what is Mightywheels all about. It’s neat he introduced me with his audience at the same time his audience learned about Mightywheels it’s a win, win situation for both of us, it’s a about educating people about life challenge.

  2. Lenon Borja says

    Don't forget: BE AWESOME!

    Our goal at Habitgrams is to help you take hard behaviors in life like eating right, working out, or just being kind to your spouse and transform them into true habits that you can repeat with consistency and keep up indefinitely. You have changes you want to make in your life, and we build tools to help you.


  3. Tim Parnett says

    Hi, my name is Tim Parnett, and I was injured in Nanaimo in 1990. My injury caused me to have to use a wheelchair and I also lost the ability to speak well. Ever since my accident, I have been fighting to better my recovery and to better myself as a human being. I have a “hunger” to help all people and as a result, I created an advocacy group called to assist others and to advocate for those who use wheels inn their day-today lives. Our mission is simple: Mightywheels wants to bring attention to poor infrastructure and problem areas in the community that you live in. I started Mightywheels years ago, when I was living in Innisfail, Alberta, but I eventually moved to Edmonton, and expanded my work within that city. Edmonton has grown at a rapid pace within the past few decades, so much so that the city struggles to keep up with the demand of reconstruction of older communities. The accessibility conditions within these older neighbourhoods are severely lacking, even deplorable to a certain extent. I am hoping to raise awareness for the struggles that people with wheels or mobility issues face everyday. I also run a website called This websites is geared to help all people who face social inequality and the main issue we currently address is accessibility for all people. We focus on the barriers that cause inaccessibility, and this would include things like parents pushing baby strollers, people with mobility issues or impairments, and/or people who use walking aids or wheelchairs like myself. I am motivated to do this work because I have been in the position of not being able to go where an able-bodied person has the ability to go, I'm all in…

  4. Jacob Flores says

    14:30 Building

  5. King David says


  6. thomas chapman says

    💯 💯 💯 💯 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 💪 💪 💪 💪

  7. Skeptic Sam says

    It's unfortunate that the uncertainty need is the reason why infidelity happens!

  8. Kayleigh W says

    I could go all day and bad mouth Tony boy on every YouTube video,,,but I'm not gonna cause I know better n I'd rather go n do what he's talking about,,,I'm not impressed by this,,, you create your own reality ppl,,, Tony will create your reality for £5000 ,,,wake the fuck up

  9. Matthew Bulic says


  10. Melissa Diaz says

    We all have the same six needs but we don't value them equally…wow. The top two determine your direction in life. i listen to this man DAILY!

  11. Possibly Maybe says

    Stop putting music over his words. It is distracting.

  12. rlalko l says


  13. brave heart says

    You are cool

  14. Jane Poh says

    Powerful statement : any time your mind persist that doing something , feeling something and believing something that strive your needs you will become addicted to it.

  15. Love Me says

    Powerful 💪🏽🌟

  16. greentea says

    Where the full talk please?

  17. Jerry West says

    Amen 🙏

  18. Su Amiga Betty rivera says

    5 & 6

  19. Farid Ait Ahcene says

    Amazing Tonny Robbins

  20. Rick Boers says

    Lets fcking go and fck shit up 😈

  21. cc mm says

    This guy is such an amazing human being his definitely changed my life

  22. Yogesh N Vedd says

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me ✌👍. Excellent, insightful, and giving me directions to follow ✌👍🙋😘

  23. Kathy Ranfeld says

    After listening to this (Your Mind is Your Key to Success, 2018), I had to think why do I love to listen to certain speakers like Tony Robbins? Listening meets all SIX needs. I feel love when I am listening because I know he wants to help me grow and I can sense the love and compassion in his voice. I am always certain that Tony has thoroughly prepared and he knows his stuff before teaching; his talks are always interesting to me (full of variety) and filled with real life examples, plus he tells the raw truth, which is something I love. His talks make me feel more significant as a simple human being and they help me to grow. I often share the podcasts/youtube videos as well as what I have learned with others (contribution). I rarely post anything on these comments but just felt compelled to share this! Have a blessed day!

  24. fannymack says

    Tony Robbins is out here doing God's work 🙌🏻💕

  25. Emila Vallée says

    I’m certain that my top two needs are the ones for growth and contribution 🙂

  26. Michael West says

    Wont work. Fake shit

  27. Robby J Bechler says

    holy shit is this mindblowing

  28. Kimberley Cummings says

    Thank you Tony.

  29. Ray Wister says

    This video makes me hungry for more! How can I get this whole seminar?

  30. Twinkle Bataviya says

    thx for the insight … now it will help me become more fulfilled n make people around me rather lives around me i m sure even animals would also fall in these needs……

  31. S Watson says

    I MUST go to his intensive!

  32. Jr Orozco says


  33. Jr Orozco says

    Listen to him

  34. Jr Orozco says

    Slaps forehead

  35. Samirah Stanford says

    I love this so much. I have to listen to this often! Very rewarding

  36. David Brent says

    Listening to this shit is what fucks up people’s minds. All these public speakers are in it for one thing. MONEY

  37. Cristo Cola Digita'al says

    This is gold !

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