Tony Robbins – Relationship Advice For Women – How To Have The Perfect Relationship


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  1. Craig Famly says

    Someone needs to tell him attachment causes suffering full stop

  2. Kathy Bramley says

    The modern Olympics and the ancient Olympics are not contiguous – my sense of the credibility here about dropped right through the floor (although on reflection lots of people I admire say stuff that doesn't quite technically ring true/misquote stuff) – and the long lost lover thing – ewwww – consent, autism, survivors etc….. Yes, move more, but that was a bit weird. Indeed, unlike the perfect sensibility towards people in relationships, given different ability situations and life situations. Positive consent should be part of relationships, you should move more to get it and to maintain it. But consent matters. It really matters. But having moved on – the whole 911 stuff feels strange, poss disrespectful thing to include yet was obviously an enormous, scary thing to go through both as ordinary people and as Tony Robbins up on stage, that you had to make positive meaning out of on your feet and you had the skills to do so as far as the report here goes, which to be fair I have no reason to disbelieve except that it makes Robbins sound like a god with local effect – and yes I have rational cause to wonder: who is he!?

    This seminar doesn't directly relate to the title: maybe an upload error!? Personal agenda of the channel owner!? A partner/ex-partner they felt needed to do more of the running!? Channel owners could be anyone!!

    In my house, I've felt my husband needs to move more, show more emotion, less tension and be less obsessed with his visual-penis axis/addictive+fetishy stuff: he's either edging 24/7 or angry/dead/roommates to me or both making use of quiet times to himself, and he nevertheless provides a lot of practical support and security to me and our children and has some nice interests, and in those modes he does look normal. But it's still horrible. Not that I'm against solo sexuality or individual sexuality in a marriage, it's the dynamic. Me moving more trying to please and engage him might not be the solution. It's bottomless and demeaning because it's built on a stuck cycle that has been very narrowly defined by his own anxieties magnified by cultural attitudes about what it is to be a man – which in the UK is a very two-handed thing, your diffident, reserved hobbyist/workaday guy and your sexual status-seeking beast. Women can and are living that dichotomy as well, but it's less acknowledged and approved, socially. Sometimes people combine the two – but it very often leaves investment in or consideration of a partner's emotional life out of the picture or as Robbins says here, makes into Work. I have my own issues, but in this case and in general – JUST letting go would possibly be a kind of dissociation or suppression, though is every possible reality in truth somehow that kind of reality for something: hard to know where it would go.

    I've joked on twitter 'what would Tony Robbins do' about Brexit, because of the angry and momentous deadlock and the strong relationship aspect, albeit with a crowd management thing too – but I dunno if that was wise. Nor any of this comment.

  3. Shelly R says

    This was great 👍 the title was confusing however , the message was clear .

  4. Natalie Jones says

    I've been playing YouTube vids in the background and haven't read the titles – I just came back to my phone and thought this was a video about getting motivated!? You will get more hits by renaming it hahahha

  5. cvt cvt says

    Fuck women. They want that money. Heartless. There's never enough.

  6. FoxForce5 says

    Wrong title. Misleading

  7. Learn Korean With K-DRAMA says

    Oh GOD i wish he was my FATHER, i just LOVE HIM ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Lucy Gentry says

    I laughed, I cried, this guy is awesome

  9. Debbie Moore says

    Motion is energy too

  10. Debbie Moore says

    Moving is energy

  11. Debbie Moore says

    Moving is energy

  12. Mwai Anne says

    This made my day!
    Am happy to the power of 10 all by myself at work 10.10pm😂

  13. Lana Schott says

    Like a aerobics class geese

  14. Zender 2016 C says

    This is great!

  15. Contessa Anna von Funk says


  16. SC Thomas-Joe says

    No such thing as perfect. Jesus send me scripture

  17. Theresa Jimenez says

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  18. Leila Abdelmeguid says

    What a complete phony😂😂😂

  19. Sage k says

    Great advice ! Expect big! I was pretty curious to see what Tony Robbins has to say about relationships. Boy did I underestimate him! He spilled gold.

  20. LoveMe,com says

    In a relationship, you should learn to accept your partner of what they are and who they are. if there's a problem in your relationship try to listen and to understand . be open minded in every single way.

  21. Oussama Fadile says

    Thoughtful comments..Women are having success to improve their relationships by knowing 'What Men SECRETLY Want' with..

  22. Flavia T Goncalves says

    Amazing training 😍



  24. Woestynblom says

    Completely misleading title?

  25. nodogsallowed says

    why would i subscribe if you're posting a video that's not yours with a title that has nothing to do with it?

  26. By Falicia says


  27. Joana flores k says

    I’m gonna jump and make weird noises from now on for no apparent reason. Thanks Tony

  28. Solución Intelectual says

    The title was not the right one!
    On the Otherwise hand, Tony is the Greatest… I admire him so much and wish I could some Day asist to one of his seminars, that Would be awesome!!!!!

  29. Nadine El Nour says

    9/11 was an inside job and we all know that now. And 3000 people die daily in counties that america has waged war on WAY before 9/11 yet every single year its now america’s “wound” I think that is the most narcissistic thing in the world. America is not the super power of the planet nor is it the best country, it is infact one of the most under developed countries. The poorest, unhealthiest, most depressed, most entitled, most materialistic, most vain, most selfish, most uneducated nation on earth. Any american can tell you that. Sweden in miles ahead and the most developed and evolved in terms of health care,education and equal rights. Let’s talk like people with intelligence, consciousness and authenticity and stop bullshittng ourselves and others. I hope Tony has changed his tune as this is an old recording

  30. Cheryl Morriseau says

    Tony Robbins you are so awesome I just love listening to you.

  31. ohood ali says

    i want to attend one of this talk. how ?? please guide me to register for his talk.

  32. Dad man says

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  33. Ryl Win says

    Just wonderful, I have been researching "women advice on relationships" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Honulian Fascination Inveiglement – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my buddy got cool success with it.

  34. Nemoian Paw says

    I came into work from lunch one day with a big smile on my face a bounce in my step. I was feeling real happiness. And my boss saw me as I walked in and smiled back at me with a quizzical look and said “ why are you so happy?”

    I was kind of taken aback by the question. Like is there some reason I shouldn’t be happy? Lol.

    I don’t know if something specific had happened that day. I didn’t realize my mood was elevated more than my usual until she asked. And thinking it over I replied i don’t know I just am.

  35. Nemoian Paw says


  36. Shakila Dad says

    Why is this for women when men can benefit from it too?

  37. Pauline H says

    Mathew Hussey is our generation s Tony Robbins. SIGN The petrion to help me bring him to Australia My name is Pauline

  38. Nelio Vieira says


  39. jey Nziza says

    I love this

  40. Darron White says

    Tony this goes out to you I loved your voice . It motivated me hearing from you. I I I. No matter how you put me In front of you get it . It's a gift.

  41. maudie jude says

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  42. Deglet Noor says

    After watching and started jumping I just remembered that I had a great vitory that day that I was forgeting….He is right biochemistry changes when you move…

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