Transform Your Life In 7 Minutes | Tony Robbins


Tony Robbins’ name is synonymous with happiness and success, but he had to learn self-development the hard way. He was abandoned by his father at a …


  1. yshk viswanatham says


  2. mina karam says

    this man is a gift from heavens

  3. tre g says

    Tony is the best. Changing lives.

  4. Manel Mili says

    Really he is a great man who can make you change your mind easily without any effort .He gives me the power to carry on nevr give u p
    I will do it
    Wish me good luck

  5. Tamir O says

    Amazing person, his books are true wisdom.

  6. Clifford Starks says

    That is intense. Yes unfortunately sometimes our egos can get in the way. Always train to be in control of your life not your ego. So glad everything has come together for you Tony!👍

  7. firmly grasp it says

    Alex jones

  8. Earth and I says



  10. Queen Feminine says

    I love tony robbins wow.. I'm glad he has got to where he has, I'd love to change my life like him, he inspires me to step up x

  11. C M says

    Glad I found this. Contemplating suicide, at this time in my life. 60, broke, alone, and beyond depressed. so hard to see any kind of future…

  12. Jon Anthony says

    "Don't make your family suffer, because of your ego!"


  13. Nazi Khan says

    I was just listening to you to improve my listening for my ielts exame but …….I amazed just simply amazed still can hear ur words everyone want change but nobody want to workout……

  14. Lilly Wheeler says


  15. nn thegiver says

    I feed 2 Millions people a year because someone feed my family

  16. Paul Grocott says

    hey goalcast, do you actually watch these videos before you post them? Do you realise the music is overpowering most of your videos?

  17. Kleanthis Andreou says

    This Man is making the world a better place!

  18. Umair Rafique says

    5:52 to 6:16 is incredible.
    Key to become successful.

  19. The teachings of Tony changed my life and the next phase of life. You will see my work touch a million lives.

  20. Jaden says

    Much Love

  21. Haris Abdullah says

    awesom job sir

  22. lilette leila says

    omg thank's for sharing this video it's just inspiring

  23. Yathavan Nadarajan says

    Awesome video. Commit to mastery.

  24. Manfred Gorner says

    Thank you Tony, just the kick up I needed to go the extra mile.

  25. WADZ UP says

    I never understand the haters that dislike such a great edit that highlights wonderful truths. Thanks for sharing, very inspiring.

  26. Explainer Captain says

    Wow, this is an insanely well made video!

  27. Mark says

    Yeah I would buy a bunch of those spatulas at $20 a pop.
    Seems like a really good deal.

  28. videoclipits says

    TR, The ego God.

  29. Gere tasanté says

    the music in the background is way too loud, what he says is enough. If you put the music so loud, it feels like you want to strengthen the message which is so much powerful already. It lacks subtlety. We are not at war. We're not watching netflix, we just chose to raise the bar in our lives:) Thank you anyway for your work, it's still helpful.

  30. Mukund Chauhan says

    Tonny sir has Changed my Life.

  31. n n says

    Чё говорит?

  32. KinGstaQ AddictiON says

    You are our special gift

  33. Seriously Single Mom says

    I have no words for this truthfully. Tony Robbins has been in my orbit since he first burst onto the scene so many years ago. I listened to him, but I also listened to Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer ❤️❤️❤️, Rabbi Shmuley, Noah Levine, Jon Kabat-Zinn, and Dr. Joyce Borysenko. Tony Robbins has come full circle in my life. He was one of my first teachers and now he is one of my most important teachers. He was the one who lit the Bunsen Burner within me and while I left my true path to pursue “the American Dream” of being a suburban housewife and Mom, life hit me with a spiritual 2×4 and forced me to get back on the right path.

    I am in love with this channel, and I absolutely love Tony Robbins as a mentor and a teacher. I am grateful that I have access to his words of wisdom now so that when I meet him someday I can tell him simply and quietly that he did help to save my life.

    Now is one of the darker periods of my life. Tony Robbins is akin to a Northern Star and he lights my way every day. I had to white knuckle the last year and a half and I finally feel like I can let go, let God, and cease to resist!


  34. John Amos Knight says

    Absolutely nothing Tony says makes any sense to me at all. I understand his words but his meaning totally escapes me. I just don't understand any of it. I guess I'm just stupid.

  35. Byom says

    Respect !!!🙏🙏🙏

  36. Shay Tayeb says

    😀☝️👀🚿💳 🦋 ריטה אורה סקס וידאו

  37. Diiktor Totto says

    Thanks awesome video

  38. katslondon1 says

    Well, have I just discovered how wrong I can be. Judging a book by the cover. I've seen pictures, saw covers of his books, seen the face briefly on ads for books and seminars and, thought, 'oh here we go another new age positive thinker selling his philosophies, with that slick look, perfect teeth, showmanship, charging a fortune and probably walk away with a mantra or affirmation, I'm not even going to waste my time reading anything or looking at any of his youtube stuff'' Then, by chance I decided to watch "I'm not your Guru' on Netflix……….hang on, this can't be Tony Robbins……can it, but he's not who I thought he was (based on my assumptions as a result of judging the book by the cover). I'm stunned, he's down to earth, cuts to the chase, no soft shoe shuffle, and in minutes can do what psychologists take years to do if at all, and is truly kind and loving. Love his honesty.

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