Calling The Twin Flame Consciousness (Meditation)


Calling The Twin Flame Consciousness (Meditation)

Channelled from The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine through Magenta Pixie.

Original music “My Angels Speak” (available to download) and audio arrangement by Kyle Markess CreaHions

Visuals arranged by Daniel Saunders

Images c/o stock.xchng, video footage c/o

Copyright 2011 Magenta Pixie


  1. the red fox red fox says

    It sounds like a angel

  2. Dilek Akgül says

    Thank you so much 🦋.. I really enjoyed the music. Where can I find the music, namn? Love and light

  3. Rosalia Zucaro says

    Beautiful✨ DIVINE✨energy⚡️flows🌊through and around me. The flames🔥dance as ONE
    I Honor you and Thank you DIVINE UNIVERSE.
    I am living in this BLISS and I am at PEACE, I sense the SERENITY and I always feel SAFE in this Union.
    I give Unconditional Love always and I give and receive love freely and without any fears.
    It is safe here to be myself and to honor the union that is set before me. I honor the love and the equality within this union between the Divine Feminine and Masculine in sacred Union forever.
    We have always been connected, energetic match into my sphere. The violet flames dance as ONE forever.
    We are free…. In flight. We are the white winged collective.

    I AM grateful, I am Blessed to be the person I am right now.I am ready to dance as One with the Destiny of my Divine Counterpart.

    Stay Blessed!

  4. laura b says

    I think i was with him. Havent seen him in nearly 3 years. His spirit. He told me to love. Love others and yourself..then he touched my hand in my mind in a vision. I felt we were together. Thank you

  5. claudia ramos says

    I choose this union !

  6. claudia ramos says

    I AM ready as aWhole with source

  7. Dana Canary says

    Much gratitude love and light to you clear channel!

  8. Lord Alucard says


  9. Guacamole says

    This meditation left me in tears. I was imagining the two candles and they merged before you said to imagine the candles coming together, so I was confused. then when the meditation later said to imagine the two candles merging, I burst out crying because I realized I'm already in union with my DM. this was beautiful

  10. Drippin says

    really dont k ow what to do I had an encounter few weeks ago. With my sisters coworker that happens to be my twinflame … I didnt even know what twinflames ment… started doing hard research because these thoughts are coming so much that I get overwhelmed and start focusing more on that than what's going on in real life. If that makes since I just trying to get to know them to know if it's real or not … there's times where I'm just like okay she is my twinflame than few hours later doubting myself cause the whole situation is weird…. imagine your sisters coworker coming over and not even really knowing them but being drawn to them…. and u have thoughts not know what to do.. asking psychics and astrologers saying we are indeed twinflames. There's times where I have a voice but I just think it's me its overwhelming feel like I'm losing my shit v.v

  11. Sherlyn Wong says

    My tears naturally rolls down when two lights become one, thank you for this beautiful guided thoughts. Love and light to you💞

  12. Taylor says

    It worked! I saw him after months of physical separation

  13. Katarina R. says

    I felt goosebumps/chills all over my body after I opened my eyes, for at least a minute.
    Does that mean it worked?

  14. Zack Kaiser says

    I’ve been doing this nightly and almost every night I feel her take my hand, brings tears to my eyes

  15. tami s says

    U can't reunite wid your tf until u have let go of all the 3d stuff,let go of all fear , expectations,cleared ur subconscious beliefs,cultural beliefs and healed your masculine and feminine energies.Ur twin flame triggers anything and everything that is deeply placed in your subconscious and unconscious mind.Yes it is the most painful and hardest journey.U feel it's unrequited love bt it is not it's about loving urself totally and unconditionally without any expectations from ur tf.

  16. Lucille s says

    This made me cry.

  17. marvin dyson says

    Very Beautiful Music it sound peaceful and Goddess like

  18. smmurden says

    I can't get the noise out of my head long enough to be able to visualize anything. Any advice, friends?

  19. Zaynah Lodge says

    Thank you Blessings

  20. Pauline Eade says

    I love this meditation. So thank you. love and light to you. x

  21. ملاك السماء says


  22. I AM celestial Being says

    Beautiful✨ DIVINE✨energy⚡️flows🌊through and around me. The flames🔥dance as ONE🙏🏽THANK YOU UNIVERSE🌝I AM grateful🙏🏽

  23. Wendy Johns says

    Love, love this!! So beautiful!!

  24. CatMingDu says

    Thank you love and light xxx

  25. Yamillah Isntwithtony says

    it's been a very long time since we've been in touch. We spoke about our children and you became a wonderful friend to me almost 9 yrs ago. Back then I walked away from the Mormon church because I found out that the roots of that church is satanic. Also I wasn't aware I was a Twin Flame! I found out this January but met my twin 11 months ago. My YouTube channel had the name Justice. It is wonderful running into you again! I told you how sick I use to be. Three yrs ago when I accepted JESUS CHRIST as my Lord and savior I was then healed of so many diseases. So many you wouldn't believe. I am disease free…Right now my goal is to succeed in this Twin Flame mission. This is the most difficult thing I have ever had to go through. Worse than being sick and the issues I had with my little girl. Nothing is more painful. Thank you for your friendship and support. You are really amazing Magenta Pixie. Sending you all my love.♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡♤♡

  26. Meisha says

    Thank you, this is beautiful. Bright Blessings to everyOne…

  27. Taylor says

    Beautiful. We burned as one!

  28. Tricia Trata says

    It worked!!!!Its like the best feeling u can ever have!!!!It was sooooooo intense!!!!!Its like pure love!!Thank u so much for this video and now I finally know that hes really my one and only twin flame!!!!

  29. iris says

    why would anyone wish this on themselves. the twin flame curse. unending agony. 20 years now. just let me die. lynx. lynx

  30. Starlight Sky says

    beautiful, I saw him kiss me when candles were joined, hope it works to sort things out xx

  31. Lg-worker Heart says


  32. Beautiful ♡♡♡

  33. RA Banks says

    It's working I feel it !

  34. IsisDaughter1 says

    do ONCE or regularly? How long?

  35. Tasha Paxon says

    does anyone know the background music name to this video? it's so beautiful and relaxing. I would like to hear it without words

  36. Veronika Mihal says


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