The Killer And Godly Side Of Karma


Some of us do not like to hear the word karma. To these people, the word is dreadful, wicked, indifferent, vengeful, bad, satanic and punitive. But, is it? Please, read on my beloved brothers and sisters.

There are millions of people out there who have intimate, personal knowledge on how karma operates. Let me be honest with you, I belong to this group.

This beautiful word, as far as I am concerned is not satanic, devilish, or punitive in any way. It is more of balancing, sowing and reaping, mercy, fairness, equity, justice, etc.

Google says karma comes from a Sanskrit word and it means action, work or deed. This is very, very correct.

The word is neutral, indifferent and impersonal in its operations, or workings.

What we sow today, we reap tomorrow with interests, is a golden rule that runs through all religious and spiritual bodies.

Our thoughts, words and deeds set it into motion, into action. And in truth, we will individually reap today and tomorrow, what we sowed in our previous and present lives.

My beloved brothers and sisters, most of the thorns we pass through daily are created or brought into existence by us. Painful truth, bitter pill to swallow. Hahahahahaa.

Man is the saint, man is the devil. Therefore, before we look outside ourselves for the root cause of our problems, we should first and foremost do a soul searching, look within.

Yes, negative forces and vibrations exist. But, nobody can influence or harm you until you allow it, in your actions and transactions.

Devils, Satan, real or imaginary enemies, or generational curses, exist. But, should we pay attention to them? Please, educate me more, beloved readers.

Our thoughts, words and deeds will bring great fortunes or misfortunes to ourselves, in future, in our next lives.

If we have good health, wealth, success and happiness today, we earn them through our daily actions and interactions. It is not handed over to us by a super God. We worked for it.

Those in positions of authority should use their positions to help others, one way or the other. This is the only rent God requires of us, in this world that is a school.

Positions, social and financial statues, etc, are transient. Karma is the silent adjuster, a benevolent and merciful interventionist.

A murderer will face the consequences of his or her act either in the present or future life. Same for those who are involved in other criminal, violence and fraudulent activities.

Karma will exert the consequences of their actions at the right time. God bless humanity.

Source by Emmanuel Udom

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