How to Lead a More Spiritual Life


Today is a new day how do you want to live it? Being spiritual doesn’t mean not enjoying life. It means that you bring the Sacred into everything that you do. What is Sacred? It is living in reverence to everything that is connected to the Divine/Mother Father God/Goddess (from here forward Divine will be used as a term for all aspects of God) and everything is connected to the Divine. Creating a spiritual life is holding all things as Sacred and living from your authentic center fully empowered. It is respecting all life including your own. It is feeling the oneness in your very core. Being able to see the Divine in everything is the key to living a more spiritual life.

Seeing the Divine in:







Inanimate objects

Dust particles

Every single thing on this planet including you

What do you need to be able to see the Divine in everything if you are unable to in the present moment (and remember the present moment is the only moment)?

Dance and Movement – There is something very grounding yet ethereal in your dancing. When you dance, you connect to Mother Earth and the Divine at the same time, which in turn connects you to everything.

Journal writing – Asking questions of yourself and to your angels, guides, helpers, and of course the Divine can bring you closer to feeling it all around you.

Creating – This is a powerful way to connect. Begin with something simple like coloring a mandala or in a coloring book. Try beading. You can move into quite a meditative state while beading. It is very relaxing if you are able to move your ego aside and not worry about results. It is the process of creating that connects you to the Divine.

Being in Nature – Standing in a place with all the elements surrounding you, earth, air, fire, water, and spirit/Divine can take you to the deepest level of connection if you are in the present moment and not allow your mind to get in the way. Just feel.

These are all primary ways that can help you deeply connect into the Divine oneness of everything. Remember being respectful to all life, including yourself, is a good starting point. Staying in the present moment is most important. Once you have that, you have the ability to see the Sacred. From that place you begin to lead a more spiritual existence, authentic in nature, loving and kind, knowing that all of life is connected to you. Harm anything and you harm yourself. Being loving to yourself and you are being loving to all. May you find many moments of joy exploring and becoming one with self, god and every living creature.

Source by Morgan Dragonwillow

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