The Most Powerful Meditation of All


The most powerful meditation available is as old as humanity itself. Many people believe that meditation originated in the orient. This is not true. Meditation, as the practice of stilling the mind and the emotions, has been part of every civilization the world over, and without fail. Christians, Jews and Muslims practice meditation every time they pray. Throughout Asia meditation has always been central to the Buddhist, Hindu and Yoga disciples. But even the pagans of ancient Europe, Africa, North and South America, Australia and Asia all practiced some form of meditation, prayer or trance.

Meditation is the act of introspection. It is a focused and conscious process of relaxing the body, emotions and mind. From this space it is easy then to access true thought and to access the divinity that dwells within each and every one of us. The most powerful meditation of all is not found by contorting your body into weird positions, nor does it require hours and hours of free time.

Meditation is merely the ability to completely still the mind and observe each of your thoughts as they pop in and out of your head. It is the process of reclaiming your own power by realizing that you are in charge of what you think, and you decide what thoughts you will give your attention to and which thoughts you are going to chuck in the cosmic trash can. See the movie the Peaceful Warrior with Nick Nolte to understand this better.

To do this requires only ten minutes of your day. Yes. Ten minutes of sitting down and literally just observing your thoughts. Now do not be fooled by the simplicity of this. The modern mind is so used to complex thoughts and likes making things far more difficult then they need to be. So when it sees something as simple as sit down and observe your thoughts for ten minutes a day, your mind is going: yeah right, no ways.

And then it will proceed to sabotage your attempts to do the exercise. That is why the first and most powerful meditation is the process of observing your mind. By doing this you are observing what amazing tool, your intellect, is doing when you are on autopilot. There is an ancient esoteric truth that goes: The thoughts you dwell upon perpetrate and perpetuate your reality. If you have watched or read The Secret, then you know what that means.

Now there is a special trick to observing your thoughts. The trick is to literally observe your thoughts. Do not become involved with your thoughts. Rather watch your thoughts like images on a screen. Let them simply pass by. No analysis, intellectualizing, interpreting, judging, criticizing, compartmentalizing, in fact any zing. Someone has coated a phrase observing your thoughts zinglessly.

Observe your thoughts zinglessly for ten minutes every day. Now depending on your lifestyle you may need to break those ten minutes up over 5 two minute periods or into 2 five minute periods. It is up to you. But all that is required is ten minutes of zingless observing. Make sure that during this time your mobile phone, radio and television are off. Also ensure no one or thing is going to disturb you, all pets outside.

If you combine this with a focused fifteen to thirty minute relaxation meditation every day something amazing begins to happen. Your entire life becomes a meditation.

And that, my friends, is the most powerful meditation of all, when every moment of every day becomes a conscious meditation.

Source by John Gamble

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