Why Do Some People Seem Luckier Than Others?


To help us decide, let's take a look at the lives of two women, Kelly and Michelle.

Kelly is one of those people who seem to have it all. She's popular, cute, and always in a great mood. She has a thriving business and a nice car, a great wardrobe, and she is married to the love of her life. She always seems to be in the right place at the right time; just last month she won a 32 "TV after buying aa raffle ticket!

Michelle has lived alone in a tiny apartment in the mountains for the past 13 years. She says all the good men are taken and there are just no good men in the small mountain community where she lives. She drives 80 miles to work, where she works two days a week. She can not stand being in the city because the people are too unfriendly there, but there just are not any opportunities close to her house that she's hear of. Her car has broken down twice this year and she is already starting to worry about how she's going to make it down the mountain safely with the adverse winter weather coming. Her house seems to be falling apart right before her eyes. Just last month a tree branch fell on her house and now she has to get her roof fixed before winter hits. She just can not seem to catch a break!

Is Kelly actually luckier than Michelle? The answer, of course, is no.

The simple truth is, whatever you put your energy and focus on, is what you will attract into your life. This is because your subconscious speaks the language of your emotions. If you are afraid all the time and you worry that bad things will happen, you're sending a message to your subconscious to bring this type of thing in. Your focus is the only thing that the subconscious responses to. What you are focused on is what you are instructing your subconscious to manifest.

Did Michelle actually make her car break down? She's already worried about it with the incoming bad weather. She knows that the same weather conditions arrive every year yet she continues to allow it to be a problem in her life. Driving over three hundred miles a week for a part time job is expensive with the current gas prices, yet she has not bothered looking closer to home for a job. She sees most of her time worrying and she expects that the worst will happen to her – and it sure seems to be.

By now, you should know what this "law of attraction" thing works both ways. When you dream about and visualize positive things, you send a specific message to your subconscious, which understands that it's the good things that you want.

If we were to ask Kelly about winning the TV, she would probably reply, "I am just so blessed!" She sees her whole life as a blessing. Her life looks so easy, but she actually puts in quite a bit of effort and focus to make it go the way she wants. Owning a business is quite a time consuming appeavor yet she seems to do it almost effortlessly. This is because she refuses to focus on little problems that arise so you will not see her complaining when things wrong. She's learned that obstacles are something she only sees when she takes her eyes off of her goal.

Would you be surprised to know that she buys her clothes at discount stores and thrift shops? Since she takes such good care of her health she is fit and whatever she puts on looks simply amazing. Not only does she find great clothes at killer prices, her outfits are one of a kind so you will not find them hanging on the rack by the dozen at department stores. Her nice car is a actually few years old it but looks brand new because the body style has not changed and she takes good care of it. She decided to buy a used vehicle in good condition to avoid paying the sticker price and she put the extra money she saved towards retirement. Because she shopped around and got a good price, she'll sell it in a year or two for close to what she paid for it. This way she can enjoy a newer car and have less of a risk of mechanical problems.

So is Kelly actually luckier than Michelle, or has she just discovered the key to success and happiness? And what is that exactly? Is it just using the law of attraction alone? No, but it sure plays a key role. To create a life that's worth living you need to incorporate some or all of the following ingredients:

  • A positive attitude!
  • Having a plan and setting goals to help make that plan happen
  • Self Discipline and consistency
  • A feeling of gratitude for what you have
  • Compassion and a heart that is open to love

Does Michelle display any of these qualities in the paragraph above? There's no indication that she does.

Does Kelly? Absolutely!

We all experience ups and downs in our lives. However, when we operate strongly from our higher place, we understand that there are life lessons which arise and that we need to learn from them in order to move forward in life. We understand that our lessons are usually shrouded in unpleasant situations. When we focus on finding what the lesson is, instead of walling in being uncomfortable, we can focus on identifying it, learning from it, and moving on – back to our beautiful life again. And we're even stronger than we were before.

Source by Sara Linn Anderson

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