Improve Your Relationships By Clearing Your Emotional Blocks


Before we get into the specific blocks that you may have, let me remind you that you are the owner of your life. You are the only one responsible for every thing that is in your life. That means every thing: good and bad.

The same as with your house. You own not only the structure, you also own every thing that is inside. Your furniture, your clothes, your shoes, your tools, your decorations including the cat and the dog, every thing is there because you decided to have all those things.

So it is very important that you take full responsibility for your own experience.

You are not the victim of anyone or any circumstance. You ego may be telling you all the time that someone someone else fault, like any teenager will do, but that is not true. Like most teenagers, the ego is not mature to assume responsibility for his actions and decisions so he always looking for someone he can blame.

The truth is that you are constantly attracting to your life the people and the circumstances to fulfill your believes, your emotions and your thoughts.

If you believe "life is hard" do not you worry because you will find all the obstacles to make your life hard.

If you believe that if you open your self to others "they will take advantage of me" do not you worry because you will attract the people to fulfill your belief and the people you meet will take advantage of you.

Now, how and where do those beliefs, emotions and thoughts come from? Well, every circumstance and every person that enters your life leaves an impression in your mind and your emotions that is how we build our beliefs. From that point forward, you have your faith placed on that belief and it becomes your reality.

So if someone took advantage of you at whatever point in your life that left the impression on you of being hurt, not being appreciated, being used, taken advantage and subsequently of not being loved by that person. You will remember that person, as a bad person who has hurt you and that moment you create the belief that every body wants to take advantage of me with out being conscious that from the perspective that belief you will continue to attract more of the same.

The people or circumstances we encounter throughout our life are not our enemies, they are our teachers. That's the way we learn and grow as human beings. Is an ongoing process some times we act as teachers for others to learn lessons and some times we are the student who needs the lesson.

Every belief, emotion or thought that you have that comes from fear (anger, resentment, co-dependency, confusion, criticism, frustration) is limiting and condemning your to live within the confines of that emotion and within the experiences created by the emotion.

Forgive others as they are just teachers for you and forgive your self to be able to release any belief, emotion and thought that may be blocking your way to have and to be everything you want.

Anger will never hurt the other person but it will always hurt your self.

Forgiveness will free your from the experience.

And I am not asking you to make friendship with some one you do not like, forgiveness does not mean that you have to talk with that person if you decide not to, forgiveness means to release your self from a belief, release from emotions or thoughts that may be blocking your happiness, your abundance, your peace and your growth. Forgiveness means that to cut the a chain that has limited, defined and kept you from being who you really are and from expressing and manifesting your divine light in your life.

Source by Scherezade Lozano

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